I hope you enjoy yourself on this blog as I explore some of the things that interest me most; religion, crafting, and food.   My hope is that by exploring holidays of various religions I can learn and teach my children about the faith and spirituality of different groups around our country and the world.

A little introduction to who I am...

I am a mother of three young boys and I currently stay at home with them.  In my life pre-children I worked in various areas of International relations in Washington DC.   Before that I was just a kid from Wisconsin who grew up in a very Catholic family.  My life is filled with friends from all walks of life and areas of the globe.  I love hearing about different people's experiences in life.

Something that has struck me, is how much religion shapes individuals.  Even those individuals who no longer practice the religions they grew up with have been affected by their religious experiences.   As a woman who wants to understand her world and those in it, and as a mother who wants to raise her children to grow up to become empathetic and informed citizens,  I think that exposure to different religions is essential.  My hope is that through this blog, my family, and hopefully yours, can experience small pieces of various world religions through brief encounters with various religious holidays.   I am a craft junky and love to eat new foods as well, so I figured there is no better way then to experience a taste (excuse the pun) of these holidays with a craft or food that may be traditionally done in celebration or observation.