Respectfully simplifying

Before plunging ahead with writing this blog I had deliberated about whether this was a good project to tackle.  I mean, I am taking religious and cultural traditions and simplifying it into a short little fluffy blog piece.  So these great meaningful holidays will be written about by me, who is not a scholarly theologian, but just a woman who wants her children to have exposure to the different belief systems of the world.

I will do my best to honor the sanctity of each of these holidays in my explanations.  If you would like to add or adjust anything that I have said I would gladly welcome your feedback.  I also realize there are many sects within religions and different regions of the world may have different spins on traditions, so I will try to point out where I am drawing my information from.  I ask of anyone who posts to try to be respectful to each other and to me.  I am hoping to make this a space for learning and understanding.  Thank you for taking this journey with my family.